Amazon app quiz today 11th March 2021

Amazon quiz answers

Today’s Amazon Quiz Answers- Win JBL in-Ear Headphones, let’s go.

Want to win exciting prices, just Play this Amazon Quiz & Win JBL Earphones from a Lucky draw in Today’s 11th March 2021 Amazon Quiz Daily contest.

Almost all Amazon Quiz contest’s timing starts from 12 AM and Ends at 11:59 PM everyday.

Winners of the Amazon app quiz will be announced later on the next day at Amazon Quiz Winners Section.

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Amazon app quiz today 11th March 2021 Answers

1Discovered in Madagascar, Brookesia nana, measuring approx 21.6 mm is probably the world’s smallest adult reptile. But what is it exactly?A chameleon
2How do we better know the biggest game in American Football, the Final of the National Football League?Super Bowl
3The India Meteorological Department is all set to establish the country’s first thunderstorm research testbed in which Indian state?Odisha
4Which country produces the most amount of these beans in the world?Brazil
5A group of this animal belonging to the Felidae family is known as what?Pride

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