China does not want to step back from HongKong

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After all, China was arbitrary…
China does not want to step back from Hong Kong. Even after the agreement with Britain on Hong Kong.

China is doing its own arbitrariness. When Britain liberated Hong Kong, then China had told that from now on, people should have the freedom to choose their government.

After this, China took control of Hong Kong. Till now a democratic government was running there.

Although China too interfered in that, now it has taken away all the rights of the people there. Prepared to swallow the whole of Hong Kong.

Protesters arrested At this time, as in Myanmar, the army has captured power and the protesters are being put in jail, the same way China has done with Hong Kong.

He wants to force his policy on people. Hundreds of pro-democracy people were arrested under the National Security Act.

Hong Kong will become a slave again China has made preparations to completely subvert its freedom to enslave Hong Kong. First of all, Dragon wants to change the election system there.

In one country two systems are also being scrapped. Not only this, but the Constitution of China was also removed from the Annual Report of China and ordered to implement its constitution.

Elections will not be held Trickster China has announced that like before there were no elections in Hong Kong, it will not happen now.

For this, a report has been issued, which states that the Election Committee Legislative Council of Hong Kong i.e. Legco will have the right to select all the candidates.

That is, China can give rights to whomever it wants, but another thing is that it is preparing to give rights not to the people of Hong Kong but to the people of China itself.

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