Namaz Rakat Table and Names of Five time Namaz:


Namaz Rakat Table:

NamazSunnatFarzSunnatNafilWitrNafilTotal Rakat(s)

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh!

First of all, we would be very happy to help our brothers and sisters to share our knowledge and information about Namaz Rakat and Prayer times.

The main aim and motive of this Namaz Rakat table and five-time Namaz detailed post is to empower our brothers and sisters with Namaz timing and Namaz Rakat details.

Coming to our Namaz timetable in Islam, we have 5 time Namaz is Farz for every Muslim.

  • First namaz are known as Fajr: Two Sunnat and 2 Farz namaz (Very short, and simple 4 Rakat namaz offered in the early morning).
  • The second Namaz for the day is Zohr: Four Sunnat, Four Farz, Two Sunnat, and Two Nafl Namaz (Total 12 Rakat in the time of mid-afternoon).
  • Third Namaz is Asr Namaz: Same as Zohr we offer Four Sunnat and Four Farz in Asr namaz and the Total Rakat we offer are only 8 Rakats in the evening time before sunset.
  • The fourth and second short Namaz is Maghrib: Three Farz, Two Sunnat, and two Nafl namaz. (Total 7 Rakats namaz is known as Maghrib, every Muslim offered after sunset evening time).
  • The fifth and last Namaz in a day is Isha Namaz: The beauty of this Isha Namaz is we offer all types of Sunnat, Farz, Nafland Witr Namaz in the night time before we go to the bed.
  • In Isha Namaz we Offer total 17 Rakats:- 4 Sunnat, Four Farz, 2 Sunnat, 2 Nafl, 3 Witr and 2 Nafl Namaz.

Remember my brothers and sisters Namaz is farz on every Muslim and each and every namaz takes less than 15 mins to offer in a day.

Allah watabarak watala given you a chance to thank Allah Watabarak watala every day five-time and we are missing the opportunities to go near to our Allah watabarak watala.

We have all chances to thank our Allah watabarak watala in our five-time prayers, we can ask anything with our Allah watabarak watala with in Namaz.

Offering five-time Namaz is a task of less than an hour, but we believe this farz task a burden and we are missing our prayers without any reason.

Remember Namaz is Farz and Farz is First! Allah watabarak watala will provide all of us Nak-Taufeeq. Ameen.

Jumma Namaz: Apart from our Five-time daily Namaz, Jumma Namaz is a very important namaz Farz on every Muslim.

Jumma Namaz will be offered every Friday with Zorh Namaz and Jumma namaz consist of only two Farz, 4 Sunnat and 4+2 Sunnat Namaz.

Friday as a religious ritual and a practice of the Prophet Mohammad (Rasool Allah s.a.w.w ) Friday prayers hold a special place for Muslims all around the world.

Suggestions on this post are most welcome and if you see any error or typo in this post do let us know @ Thank you!

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