PUBG Return in India


PUBG Return in India, are you prepared for the PUBG mobile re-launch in India?

South Korean company Kraften, which is set to re-launch the game in India, has no definite information about the start of the game.


Meanwhile, PUBG: It has also been said that a new state will not be launched in India.

Are you also preparing for the launch of PUBG Mobile Ununch in India, bad news for you …

If you are also looking forward to the PUBG mobile release, then this news is exclusively for you.

If you are looking forward to re-launching PUBG Mobile in the Indian market, there is bad news for you.

It was rumored that PUBG Mobile would be launched in India by December 2020 or early January 2021.

But now the expectation may be a little higher. In fact, the South Korean company Krafton, which is set to relaunch the game in India, has no definite information about starting the game.

Meanwhile, PUBG: It has been additionally stated that a new state will not be launched in India. So if you are looking forward to this game, you will have to wait a long time.

According to a report by Sports Kird, Indian gamers will not be able to pre-register for PUBG: New State.

The Krafton Company is waiting for Hari Handi from the Government of India to restart the game. However, it is really hard to say whether the aggregation will agree or dare to re-launch in India. See, Krafton aggregation is not yet a habit to be achieved.

The Krafton Company has not yet given up hope. It will be interesting to see if PBG mobile players in India are as interested in the game as before.

PUBG Mobile has ended its partnership with Chinese company Tencent Games to remove its Chinese tag. Crafton is a South Korean video game holding company owned by PUBG Corporation.

Following the ban on the game in India, PUBG Corporation said in September that it was looking forward to working with the Government of India to resolve the issue.

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